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The Smell of Rain

For me, summertime in Evergreen is full of trail running, paddle boarding, camping, fishing and cooking on the grill. We are very blessed to live in a place where we can walk out our doors and see the Rocky Mountains in all directions. Sure, living here has its own set of unique challenges, like bear-proofing our garbage and chicken coops, and deer and elk-proofing our gardens, but I wouldn't change it for the world. There are countless things I love about living here and being a part of this community, but my favorite thing by far about summertime in Colorado is the smell of rain.

I grew up in Washington state where there is no "smell" associated with rain. The first time I smelled rain was in September 1995 when I moved to Colorado. It smelled like wet dirt and you could literally smell the rain coming across the San Luis Valley before it actually arrived. Maybe it was a sense of comfort for me as I was very home sick for my rainy home state of Washington. Although I was only fifteen years old when my family moved to Colorado, it did not truly become my home until I was out of state during college. I would come home to Colorado in the summertime to work at my families summer horse camp. It was then that I realized that my absolute favorite part of summertime in Colorado was the soaked rock and dirt smell of the approaching rain storm.

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