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Veteran Care at ESSM

We are a VA approved clinic and we are excepting New VA referrals. 

Greetings, Veterans!

Here at Evergreen Spine & Sports Medicine, we recognize the distinctive hurdles and contributions our veterans have faced. As a gesture of gratitude and dedication to your well-being, we've collaborated with the VA to provide personalized chiropractic care designed specifically for you, and at NO COST to you.  We are an approved community care facility with experience navigating the referral and treatment process with the VA. 


How To Get Your Referral


Determine Eligibility

Do you currently have a primary care doctor in a VA clinic?  In order to have treatment fully covered you need to ensure that you are enrolled in the VA health care system. 


Request A Referral

Request a referral to Evergreen Spine & Sports Medicine from your VA provider. Once your VA provider determines that community care is appropriate, they will initiate the referral process through the VA system. This will involve submitting paperwork or authorizations electronically. 


Reach Out To VA Primary Care

Talk to your VA primary care provider or specialist about your need for care at Evergreen Spine & Sports Medicine. We treat joint and soft tissue injuries and chronic conditions.


Schedule With ESSM

Once the referral is approved, you'll receive notification from the VA community care program. You can then contact Evergreen Spine & Sports Medicine to schedule your appointment. Be sure to provide us with any necessary referral information including the referral letter. 

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