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We specialize in uncovering the root cause of your health challenges and helping you make healthy, permanent lifestyle changes.  We make it easy and doable for you. We teach you how to eliminate guilt, willpower factor, cravings, and temptations. We make eating and living well simple, pleasurable, desirable, and sustainable - life should be fun and taste good!  Our goal is to help you feel better now.  We meet with you one-on-one to assess the most likely culprits that prevent you from living your life today. We educate you in proper body biochemistry and physiology, and provide the tools to correct what has gone wrong - we teach you to become your own health detective.

Learn what is really going on within your:

  • Hormone

  • Immune

  • Digestion

  • Detoxification and

  • Intestinal Barrier Systems

Our view of symptoms like headaches, sleeplessness, fatigue, sinuses and allergies, joint and muscle pain, bad skin, poor athletic performance, PMS, gastric bloating and every other health complaint, is that they all have causal factors to be investigated and resolved at the functional level. It's like detective work: together we seek to identify and correct the underlying causes and conditions that lead to the clients’ health complaints.

This program is all about abundance and enjoyment. We have tools (special recipes, tricks, and supplements) to help you transition to a diet FULL of real, whole foods - proteins, good fats, lots of veggies, nuts, and seeds, and even treats. If you are looking for a quick fix, to lose weight just to gain it back again, or to feel "OK" but not outstanding, please look elsewhere. Our goal is to help you achieve long-lasting, permanent, optimal health. We want you to feel outstanding every day. We want you to be able to live the best life you can live. We don't take responsibility for your good health away from you. Your practitioner is not the "food police"; instead, we teach you to hold yourself accountable and make your own decision regarding what to eat and how to live your life.

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