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Coming Soon to ESSM.....

Introducing Ari Dolegowski - Bio Performance Therapist

"Before I settled into the role of Bio Performance Therapist, I was a professional athlete, musical entertainer and NYC public school phys ed teacher. All have greatly influenced my unique treatment style.

A calf injury forced me to seek physical therapy which sparked an interest in the profession of physical health and wellness -- proving that injury is always an opportunity for change and growth.

I studied both western and eastern modalities of therapy to form an integrative approach to my treatment. These studies have taken place in Thailand, Costa Rica, and New York City for a well-rounded perspective in practice and human nature.

My goal for a client is not only to assist them in rehabilitating an injury or relaxation but ultimately to help develop a more in-depth awareness of the body and mind in order to lead an overall healthier and happier lifestyle.

My ability to entertain and capture the attention of the fiercest critics, high school students, allow me to promote bodily healing and awareness to basically any crowd."

Ari will be coming to ESSM once a month to work with our patients on performance optimization, injury treatment, and whole body wellness.

Expect to hear more soon!

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