Exercise Rehab and Mobility Menu

  • Exercise Rehab 30 Minutes - $50

  • Exercise Rehab 60 Minutes - $100

  • Hip Mobility/Stretching 30 Minutes - $50

  • Hip Mobility/Stretching 60 Minutes - $100

  • Shoulder Mobility/Stretching 30 Minutes - $50

  • Shoulder Mobility/Stretching 60 Minutes - $100

  • Spine Mobility/Stretching 30 Minutes - $50

  • Spine Mobility/Stretching 60 Minutes - $100

  • Foam Rolling 30 Minutes - $50

  • Foam Rolling 60 Minutes $100

  • 30 Minute Online Instructor-Led Foam Rolling Class $20

  • 30 Minute Online Instructor-Led Stretching Class $20

    • Class packages: 5 pack $90, 10 pack $160​

Exercise Rehab

Exercise Rehabilitation restores physical function efficiently while helping  people return to their activities of daily living, hobbies, and sports with minimal risk of re-injury. Rest and recovery may reduce symptoms, but often leads to weakness and re-injury. 

Twist Pose


Mobility exercises, assisted and unassisted stretching help to lengthen muscles, ligaments, tendons and joint capsules preventing tightness and increasing your recovery time.

Foam Rolling Class

Foam Rolling can aid in the function and strength of our musculoskeletal system in many ways.  It has proven to help hydrate our soft tissues while breaking up adhesions and stimulating muscle activation.  We offer online 30 minute instructor-led foam rolling classes.  Our skilled and experienced instructors will lead you through this full body class.  

Mobility/Stretching Class

This class focuses on full body mobility and stretching.  You will finish the class feeling relaxed and refreshed.  It is led by experienced instructors who will show you how to properly position and move your body.  This class will help with recovery and athletic performance.