Celebrate your body, your mind and your spirit. Be present, inspired and happier every moment.
Find confidence, sleep better, soften your stress, lighten your smile. Restore strength, vitality and radiant health. Re-invent your lifestyle!
Yoga Therapy is for people who are ready to change! Set your goal, Michelle listens and creates a practice that works for you. Each session will meet your needs and fit your lifestyle. Sequences include physical postures, breathing practice, centering, meditation, mudras, sound and color therapy. Every fiber of your entire being will benefit from these practices bringing your awareness to a necessary state for change, transformation and healing. So wether you are suffering from back pain , heart disease, depression, anxiety or going through cancer treatment or any other auto-immune issues, Yoga Therapy can help empowering you with transforming challenging health circumstances, changing perspectives and positively influencing wellness habits.