We truly love what we do because IT WORKS!  Check out what our patients have to say about it.



We truly love what we do because IT WORKS!  Check out what our patients have to say about it.

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Here is what some of our patients and colleagues have said so far…..

I started seeing Dr. Macri about 8 months ago for ongoing IT Band/knee pain. Along the way shoulder and other issues popped up. Dr. Macri, has helped me tremendously! I made it through the ski season after not having skied for over 35 years because of his treatment and taping.
At my last visit, on June 26, he taped my knee and did other manipulations. I hiked 11 miles the next day and felt great, and even on the the following day, my knee felt better than ever. (I wasn't sure if the tape worked) but now I'm convinced it does, along with the HRT and other treatment he provides. He has a holistic approach, and is very knowledgeable on the latest treatments and techniques and takes the time to explain them. He has also shown me exercises to help strengthen the muscles around the affected areas.
Besides his expertise in chiropractic, he is extremely personable and makes every effort to accommodate his patients. The office staff is awesome as well, and has really worked with me to get me in often with last minute notification.
Thank you Evergreen Spine and Sports medicine.

- Eileen Steeg (July 2019)


Just to let you know, my hip feels completely different today after your treatment. It feels like I have full ROM when before today, I really didn’t. No pain, no annoying reminder of my hip. I will know more in the next couple days as I lift heavier, benching tmrw and conditioning on Friday…lifting heavier this thank you for such a quick and correct diagnosis! I am seriously amazed!!

Thanks again!!

- Don McNamara (June 2019)

  • Don is a 63 year old competitive power lifter who holds twelve state records in different weight classes and categories. He will be competing at worlds this year.

I first visited Dr. Stoughton with significant right sided leg weakness and drop foot.  After evaluating the extent of my leg weakness he determined that I mostly likely had a herniated disk at the L1 spinal position.  He adjusted my spine and hips, taped my foot up and showed me stretches to do to improve my mobility.  After two weeks of visiting him he encouraged me to push my doctor to send me for an MRI.  The MRI revealed exactly what he suspected.  My doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon and he wanted to do immediate surgery.  This was right before Christmas and I was in no hurry to rush into back surgery.  I asked the surgeon if we could wait until after the holidays.  I continued to see Dr. Stoughton regular and began to regain strength in my leg, then I regained feeling in my leg and foot.  The surgeon told me I had one the worst spine he had ever seen in a year and that we really needed to get me in for surgery.  As my surgery date neared I was regaining so much mobility I asked for another MRI.  That MRI revealed one of the most miraculous and dramatic changes he had seen in his 30 year practice.  Not only was he not going to perform surgery but the image of my spine in the second MRI was exactly what he had hoped to achieve with surgery.  In short, Dr. Stoughton was able to help me avoid back surgery that a well regarded orthopedic surgeon stated needed to be done urgently.  I am now a firm believer and convert.  

- Lindsay Atkinson (1/11/2016)

I have been a patient of Maya's for sometime now.  She gives the most wonderful care.  She is effective, professional and caring.  She is the epitome of what you would want in a practitioner.  I am thankful for her!  

-Christy Culver-Hemmerling (12/10/2013)

After a training/athletic injury and more recently am automobile accident resulting in serious trauma and pain; Dr. Maya Gonzales is hands down the best Chiropractor I have worked with over the course of 8 years.  She has brought me back to health, giving my body the ability to heal and be free of pain.  Dr. Gonzales takes time to familiarize herself with you as an individual and creates the proper course of treatment customized to “you”. One of the things I appreciate the most is the fact she definitely is not a “one treatment fits all” doctor; which ultimately sets you up for the best treatment and results possible.  Dr. Gonzales has a very warm, calming, and caring attitude.  Her professionalism and competence soar miles above any Chiropractic Doctor I have ever met.  I will always recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their health and sense of well being through natural and non–invasive treatments. Thank you for all you do for me, your ability to heal is simply amazing!

-Steffanie Pellet (12/15/2013)

After a lifetime of chronic back pain due to aggressive athletics in my younger days; I have been in and out of many Chiropractic practices trying to find relief.  I would recommend Dr. Maya Gonzales over the dozens of practitioners that have attempted to treat me successfully.  Her adjustments always seem to hold the longest and her ability to educate me about my symptoms have truly enhanced my path to recovery.  What I appreciate the most above all is the fact that she never made me feel like I had to “buy” into a lengthy and costly course of treatment.  Dr. Gonzales gave me relief from the first treatment I received up to present day.  She is simply the best!

-Michael Dinsio (12/15/2013)