Juice plus+

The next best thing to fruits and vegetables

Experts agree:  fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet.  Almost ever day, another piece of research or another new story touts the risk-reducing power of fruits and vegetables.  

Fruits and vegetables contain an unparalleled array of nutritional elements that offer numerous health benefits for our bodies - nutrition that we simply can't get form old-fashioned vitamin pills.  The thousands of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables work together in our bodies in way that science is just beginning to explore.

We need more of the healthful whole food nutrition of fruits and vegetables in our diets, every day.  Unfortunately, most people don't eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables, and certainly not every day.  

Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap.  It is the convenient and inexpensive way to add nutrition from fruits and vegetables to our diet every day.  Juice Plus+ Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard Blends contain concentrated nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains.  Each ingredient is specially selected to provide a wide range of nutritional benefits.  

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Hear why so many people chose to take Juice Plus+ and take one simple step towards better health.