Andrea Malmberg graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and has been in practice since 2001. Certified with over 1,000 hours, she is licensed by the State of Colorado for both Massage and Aesthetics. Her experience as a massage therapist has included working in rehabilitation, chiropractic, and medical clinics. She has worked with a variety of athletes and continues to develop her knowledge and skills in the field of massage therapy.

Andrea also earned her associates degree in aesthetics from Heritage College in 2006 and has worked as an Aesthetician and Certified Laser Specialist with a number of prominent plastic surgeons in the Denver area.

Andrea's primary role as both a Massage therapist and Paramedical Aesthetician is to facilitate the health and wellness of each and every client she works with.

Massage techniques relax muscles, increase circulation, reduces pain and improving joint range-of-motion. Each massage technique manipulates soft tissue in various ways. Some use stroking, kneading, friction, tapping or compression to deliver therapeutic benefits to the body as a whole.

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